Trade union solidarity with Palestine

International issues The Gaza Strip has been subject to an Israeli-Egyptian blockade since 2007. The result is that more than two million people live in what has been called the world’s largest outdoor prison.

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Photo: Palmecentret

Two different worlds

Between the beach on the Gaza Strip and the beach in Tel Aviv it is barely seventy kilometres, about the distance from Borås to Gothenburg. Despite the proximity, it is like two different worlds. Tel Aviv is a liberal modern city with millions of visiting tourists every year. In the Gaza Strip, 63 per cent of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid for their survival. 

These huge differences between people characterise Israel and Palestine. The Palestinians’ right to security, livelihood and a dignified life is restricted by the Israeli occupation.

Israel fragments and divides the Palestinian territory, undermining the conditions for establishing an autonomous state.

The report Trade union solidarity with Palestine (pdf)