Constitution 2016

Organisational issues The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) is an association of national union organisations – national unions. As the common organisation for the affiliated national unions, LO’s task is to lead and coordinate the endeavours of LO and its affiliated national unions to safeguard workers’ interests in the labour market and in business and industry.

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In this and other respects LO is to promote societal development on the basis of political, social and economic democracy characterised by equality and a feminist philosophy. The task is based on the fundamental view of the equal value and rights of all people.

In order to fulfil its role, LO is to work primarily to ensure:

  • that the affiliated national unions organise and unite workers in private, state and municipal sectors in national unions, in accordance with an organisation plan adopted by Congress,
  • that the activities of affiliated national unions are consistent and respect the principle of solidarity, while safeguarding common interests and considering the rights of the individual and the legitimate requirements of society,
  • that workers’ interests are safeguarded in legal and public policy questions,
  • that relations with equivalent organisations in Sweden and other countries are developed,
  • that trade union interests are upheld through membership of international union organisations and in other international contexts and
  • that the local organisations of the affiliated national unions cooperate in organised inter-union activities in the LO-Districts.