Seminar: Stronger unions for a more perfect union

Welfare issues From the beginning, trade union organization has been about democratic rights in working life and its consequences for contributing to the building of society. How can trade unions and social partnership strengthen and shape the EU in times of changing labour market, global challenges and conflicts?

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Day: 1 of July
Time: 10.00-12.45

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10.00 Opening Speech by Therese Guovelin, Vice-President of LO

10.15 How can strong unions and social partnership strengthen and shape social Europe in times of labor market transformation, global challenges, and conflicts?


Etienne de Gonneville, Ambassador of France to Sweden
Thorben Albrecht, Policy Director of IG Metall
Therese Svanström, President of TCO

Moderator: Kristina Birke Daniels, Director of FES Nordic Countries

11.15 Break

11.30 The role of trade unions in restoring and regaining democracy & peace


Christina Beinhoff, Ambassador of Germany to Sweden
Maher Tekaya, head of international and European department CFDT
Göran Arrius, President of SACO

Moderator: Håkan A Bengtsson, CEO Arenagruppen

12.30 Closing speech by Johan Danielsson, Deputy Minister for Employment