LO International Strategy 2021-25

International issues Globalisation challenges and forces the modern trade union movement to work in new ways. The LO International Strategy 2021-25 describes these challenges and solutions to how LO and LO affiliates should form themselves to ensure safe and good working conditions in an increasingly internationalised world. The priorities of the strategy will guide LO and its affiliates in our daily international work.

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Priority objectives for international activities

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and its affiliated national unions have drawn up this international strategy for 2021-2025. The strategy determines the focus and highlights the priority objectives LO has for international activities in the relevant period.

The strategy is based on the power imbalance between labour and capital in the global arena. It sets the goal for workers in the global labour market to be covered by fundamental trade union rights and rightfully take a greater share of the globalised economy’s added value.

This is to be achieved through global solidarity work in existing formal and informal structures. The focus is on achieving a balance between labour and capital in collaboration with relevant organisations through a sustainable transition process.

LO International Strategy 2021-25 (pdf)