Opinions on Unions and Work Part 1 year 2011

Organisational issues Views on wages and wage differences: A clear majority of all employees – 76 per cent - are of the opinion that the wage differences between different occupations are too big.

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An even larger majority – 83 per cent – are of the opinion that women's wages are too low as compared to those of men.

A less significant majority – 54 per cent – consider that those well-paid should shore up low-income earners. However, 37 per cent consider the own group to be of primary importance.

22,800 SEK / month is considered to be a reasonable salary for a cashier and 39,000 SEK / month for a medical doctor. This might seem to be quite a big difference but in reality the difference is far bigger that that. And looking at managing directors, the difference between reasonable salary and actual salary appears to be inconceivable.

These are some of the findings of the first part in the set of reports "Opinions on unions and work 2011" based on the replies provided by 4 500 employees to questions concerning their views on wages and wage differences.