LO, TCO and Saco’s input to the Porto Social Summit, 7 May 2021

International issues In a rapidly changing world facing major challenges, well-functioning cooperation in Europe becomes increasingly important. Globalisation, digitalisation and the climate crisis present the EU Member States with a number of challenges that we must work together to resolve.

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  • Strong social partners and collective agreements are a key element in achieving full employment, social protection and competitiveness in the EU. Therefore, social dialogue must be strengthened.
  • The EU must pay due attention to the different labour market systems in the Member States. The current division of powers and competences must be respected.
  • Well-functioning systems for upskilling and reskilling play a vital role in the transition towards a climate-smart economy. Employers must take greater responsibility for the development of skills. We welcome the EU’s new education/training target of at least 60 percent of all adults participating in training each year.
  • Good working conditions and social protection are a prerequisite for getting employees on board of the digital and green transition.
  • To achieve a more sustainable labour market and economy, equal conditions for men and women are important. That is why we warmly welcome the European Commission’s objective of halving the gender employment gap. 

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